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Maria Pascuala is a 100% agave premium tequila inspired by Pascuala de Nava, a XVIII Century Mexican figure of female strength and an early symbol of Mexican mysticism. Much like her namesake, Maria Pascuala tequila is a simultaneously subtle and  seductive spirit: elegant, inviting and full of character with an understanding of ritual, authenticity and complexity.


Maria Pascuala is handcrafted in El Arenal, Jalisco, a region recognized for its soil, water and altitude, resulting in the highest quality blue agave. Prior to distillation, each agave is carefully selected after a natural ripening period. Manufactured with an emphasis on environmentally conscious production, using natural stone ovens and unique extraction techniques, Maria Pascuala strives for the absolute minimal waste of natural resources. Each bottle is individually crafted by artisans from recycled glass and hand numbered for the ultimate experience.

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