Maria Pascuala is inspired by a XVIII Century Mexican figure of female strength named “Pascuala de Nava” an early symbol of Mexican mysticism, seduction, and tradition. Dedicating herself to forms of healing, Pascuala fought against stereotypes and pushed for experimentation whilst maintaining an eye on custom, emphasising the sacred and the alluring.

Much like her namesake, as tequila, Maria Pascuala is a simultaneously subtle and seductive alcohol: elegant, inviting, and full of character with an understanding of ritual, authenticity and complexity. Maria Pascuala is a 100% agave premium tequila handcrafted, bottled, and produced in the highlands of the Mexican State of Jalisco, a region recognized for having the best soil, water, and altitude to grow agave plants and is produced using only the highest quality Blue Agave which have matured for an 8-10 year period prior to distillation.